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“I have suffered with chronic neuropathy in my feet and legs for five years. This last two years it has become severe and unbearable at times. About a year ago, the numbness began to move up my legs to my knees which caused my legs to feet very heavy and cause me to trip often. In January of 2018, I began seeing Dr. Keiko. Dr. Keiko is knowledgeable, professional, educated, and caring. She is always determined to ease the pain and discover the root cause of the issues. The severity of the neuropathy in both my feet have become less painful and the numbness going up my legs have disappeared. My energy levels have increased and I have become more active, happier and healthier. My quality of life is at an all-time high and I am thanking Dr. Keiko for those improvements. No matter what your health concern is, lease give Dr. Keiko a call today and schedule a consultation and get started on your path to better health, les pain and a happier more active life style.”