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Acupuncture is generally known as a viable type of medical treatment that has developed into a total comprehensive health care system. Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioners have made use of this noninvasive treatment method to assist a massive number of individuals regain their health successfully.

Natural healing is promoted by acupuncture. Acupuncture is capable of improving recuperative immunity and power, bolster emotional and physical health, and enhance the general well-being and function. It is painless, safe, and viable way to have a large variety of medical problems treated.


At the focal point of this ancient medicine is the idea that there’s a flow of Qi or vital energy all through the human body. The body is animated by Qi and protected from pain, disease, and illness. The health of an individual is impacted by the balance, quantity, and quality of Qi.

The movement of Qi

There are certain pathways in which Qi flows and this is known as meridians. Twelve major meridians exist in the human body. Every one of these is linked to certain glands and organs.In a case whereby individuals experience a heart attack, there will be a radiation of the pain across the chest, down to the left arm. This is where the heart meridian moves to. The pathways of meridian are similar to rivers that flow inside of the body. The area a river flows is where life-giving water is transported, which offers nourishment to plants, people, and the land. In the same manner, the pathways of meridian flow is where they offer life-giving Qi, which helps in the provision of nourishment to all cells, tissue, muscle, gland, and organ in the body.

The disruption of Qi

An impediment to Qi flow is similar to a dam. The moment Qi turns out moved down in a part of the body, there is a restriction of the flow in other parts. This obstruction of the Qi flow can be impeding to the health of an individual, cutting off important nourishment to the glands, organs, and the human body.

Emotional and physical trauma, lack of exercise, stress, poor diet, excessive activity, seasonal changes, overexertion, or accidents are part of those numerous things that are capable of impacting on the balance, quality, and quantity of Qi.

Typically, the moment an imbalance or blockage takes place, the body effectively recuperate, getting back to a condition of well-being and health. Nonetheless, the moment this disruption becomes excessive or prolonged, or if the body is in a debilitated state, the body begins to experience disease, pain, or illness.

Blockage to Qi flow can be harmful to the health of an individual and brings about health concerns or different symptoms and signs.

Procedure of Acupuncture Treatment

During the first exam, an adequate health history is recorded. There are questions with respect to lifestyle, symptoms, and health. A suitable physical exam is carried out, as well as tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Getting this information together allows the practitioner to viably diagnose and identify any particular blockages of Qi or Qi imbalances that could have caused the health problems of an individual.

With the insertion of thin needles into the human body at certain points, meridians can be unblocked and the Qi flow can be facilitated. This painless and secured insertion of needles is capable of unblocking Qi balance and obstruction in areas of imbalances. The moment this is done, there will be free circulation of Qi all through the body, offering sufficient nourishment to organs, tissues, muscles, and cells. This can get rid of pain and ensure harmony and balance are restored to the human body, including the ability of the body to heal itself – ultimately bringing about optimal well-being and health.